Designer    News 22 Jan 2018

Wood specialist, Lawcris, designs and creates film set for upcoming indie movie, Scot and Sid 

When the production company of a new independent feature film approached Lawcris – a major distributor in wood panel products, laminates and edgings – for help, the company jumped at the opportunity.

The film, which is set predominantly in Lawcris’ hometown of Yorkshire, needed the space and materials to construct a set completely from scratch. Lawcris explained that the film was about “being able to achieve anything if you believe in yourself and your abilities” – an ethos which they themselves resonated with, and wanted to help. Lawcris also commented on their disbelief at “how a few sheets of raw MDF and ply were transformed,” for scenes in the film.

Production Designer of the upcoming film, Scott and Sid, Lauren Hinley commented: “Lawcris were great and there just when we needed them! By supplying the wood for free, they enabled us to design and build our own set in their warehouse, which is actually the only physical set used in the whole production.”

Producer Sid Sadowskyj also added: “Without companies like Lawcris supporting indie films, there wouldn’t be an indie film industry in the UK. They were a huge help.”

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