kb-network    News 20 Jun 2016

Wilsonart UK introduces Earthstone – the ultra-smooth mid range acryllic work surface

Ultra-smooth and cool to the touch, Earthstone is an engineered-acrylic solid work surface range from Wilsonart UK that it says has been designed and created to provide a product that sits between budget and luxury worktops.

David Grant, solid surface product manager for Wilsonart UK said: “The market for solid work surfaces has grown from 15% to 17% in five years. That’s equivalent to £9m and itis the fastest growing segment in the worktop market. Our aim is to produce high quality work surface products that offer designers and retailers solutions in all markets.”

Earthstone is an alternative to both laminate work surfaces and the more-expensive granites and quartz solutions. It mimics real stone but is entirely renewable in the event of user damage, unlike stone or quartz.

Designed and engineered to meet the demands of hardworking everyday kitchen environment, Earthstone can be custom made to incorporate under mount sinks, sweeping curves, island pieces and drainer grooves – all on site at the same time the kitchen furniture is being installed. This flexibility saves times and money for both the end user and the designer/installer as no templating is required.

Earthstone is hygienic and easy to clean as its surface is non-porous which makes it resistant to most household stains, mould, mildew and bacteria growth. Inconspicuous joints help to create a seamless custom-made appearance. The range of designs spans striking pale, white designs through to graphite blacks, some feature large flecks of coloured particles that draw on colours and themes from the 2016-17 pallets; rose, coppers, greys and pale blues.

Seen here is Wilsonart UK’s Earthstone in Gemini, shown moulded for a copper undermount sink with drainer grooves.