kb-network    News 12 May 2016

Wilsonart UK identifies growing demand for white marble effects in current Kitchen sector

Wilsonart UK says it has identified growing demand for white marble effects.
Wilsonart UK, part of the world’s largest manufacturer of laminate worktops, is seeing a marked upturn in it sales of white marble effect Calcutta Marble from the Aeon Laminate Worktops and Backsplashes range that points to a return to this age old favourite.

Ruby Kiernan, marketing executive for Wilsonart UK said. “Everyone can recall the gloomy marble effect laminates of the late 70s and early 80s, most kitchens had it. Today’s marble-effect laminate work surfaces are a world away from that. Calcutta marble is a subtle finish, lightly veined and incredible smooth in a true representation of the real thing at a fraction of the price.

“Marble is a versatile decor that can be used with many cabinetry styles and colours to create both a highly contemporary look or a more classic traditional look. As a result, retailers and builders are specifying our Calcutta Marble in the most luxurious projects because it looks just like the real thing but is far easier to work with, and of course far more cost effective.”

Wilsonart UK says its Aeon enhanced performance laminate worktops outperform traditional laminate, providing 3-5 times more scuff and scratch resistance and 3 times more wear resistance.

“This range of intricate marble designs through to innovative stones is available in 3.6m lengths and finished with a contemporary 3mm post-formed profile.