kb-network    News 24 Aug 2016

White meets Wood: The LO91 kitchen designed by Schüller that suits any clean natural scheme

Wood comes in all manner of colours for kitchens, from rich dark cherry to light creamy ash, but all timbers triumph when teamed with a serene, white scheme.

White is the most popular finish in the kitchen. It is neutral, clean, modern and timeless; however, it is often too clinical for a family home. Teaming wood with white cabinetry will inject warmth and richness into an otherwise stark scheme.

With a natural, rich grain punctuated by knots that add character, wood is one of the most versatile materials for use in the home. Being a natural material, no two pieces are exactly alike. Grains vary in style, hue and tone, and any finish applied to wood can dramatically alter its look -so it’s possible to create a vast host of ‘wood on white’ aesthetics to suit any taste.

This L091 kitchen is part of the Alea range designed by Schüller. Price on request. www.inhouseltd.co.uk

Published in Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine