kb-network    News 04 Sep 2017

Whirlpool win the Get Connected Product Design Award for their 6TH SENSE Live laundry pair

The Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live laundry pair has been awarded a Product Design Award, in the Leading Design Garment Care category, at the Get Connected Awards 2017.

The Get Connected Product Design Awards recognise genuinely innovative products with advanced technology and outstanding unique selling points. The expert judges nominated a selection of appliances, which were then voted for by retailers, distributors and providers of services to the electrical retail industry. The Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machine (FSCR 12441) and matching tumble dryer (HSCX 10441) can be controlled from anywhere, by the 6TH SENSE Live app on a smartphone or tablet. 6TH SENSE Live technology is the maximum expression of Whirlpool’s undertaking to create purposeful technology to simplify consumers’ lives. With the 6TH SENSE Live app, available on both iOS and Android, dialogue between the washing machine and tumble dryer takes place. The app communicates the washer’s current load type and spin speed, and the dryer will automatically synchronise with the washing machine, to set the correct drying cycle, simplifying the laundering process. The app also guarantees optimum wash results and garment care by selecting the most efficient wash and dry programmes.

Speaking of the award, Catherine Balderson, Brand Manager, Whirlpool says: “Whirlpool invests heavily in technology that is intuitive, makes life easier, and saves resources. The 6TH SENSE Live laundry pair was the first of our connected range to hit the market and we are proud and ecstatic to be honoured and recognised in such a competitive awards category. Connected appliances, such as the Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live laundry pair, offer innovation that brings genuine lifestyle benefits and crucially takes resource saving to the next level.”

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