kb-network    News 18 Apr 2016

Whirlpool introduce the new SmartCook range of induction hobs with 6th SENSE technology

The new SmartCook range of induction hobs, offers an assisted cooking experience that should make creating delicious dishes beautifully simple.

SmartCook hobs bring together advanced 6th SENSE technology with unique design and built-in culinary expertise, brought to life through an intuitive touch interface that guides the user every step of the way to perfectly cooked food. This built-in culinary expertise is perfect for those who want maximum results with the least effort, and the budding hobby chef, as well as the family oriented consumer, will enjoy the ability to do things more efficiently.

The elegant design incorporates both touch sensitive controls and a versatile FlexiFull surface. FlexiFull uses eight coils to create a customisable cooking area, which adapts to the size and position of dishes, offering the flexibility to cook anywhere on the hob.

“With SmartCook you can unleash your inner chef and create the food that, before, you only dreamt of eating at home – easily, day in and day out. With the precise control of sensor cooking and intuitive smart technology, SmartCook offers a whole new way of cooking,” said Neil Tunstall, general manager of cooking at Whirlpool EMEA.

The new hobs feature SmartSense programmes and temperature sensors which can help monitor the cooking process with precision, so the hob is even more responsive and intuitive, making it simple for even advanced cooks to multitask or perfect a range of cooking techniques and embrace creativity in the kitchen.


(One of five reviews by the Pro Publishing team of products seen at Eurocucina 2016. The SmartCook from Whirlpool was selected by Grahame Morrison – editor of kb-network.)