kb-network    News 21 Jun 2017

Whirlpool Corporation announces its CEO, Jeff Fettig, will step down in October

Whirlpool Corporation has announced that its CEO, Jeff Fettig, will step down on 1 October, but remain as chairman of the Board of Directors.

Stepping into Fettig’s shoes will be Marc Bitzer, the company’s current president and chief operating officer.

Commenting on his upcoming departure, Fettig remarked “I am effectively stepping away from our day-to-day management after 36 years of service and the last 13 as CEO. On behalf of the Whirlpool Board of Directors, we are very pleased to appoint Marc as our next CEO, the 8th CEO in our 106-year history.”

Bitzer also responded “I want to thank the Whirlpool Board of Directors and especially Jeff Fettig for their confidence in appointing me to this position. The foundation of success built by Jeff and so many within this company affords us an exciting future to exceed the needs and aspirations of our customers, expand shareholder value and create a unique and fast-paced workplace that people continually are proud to call Whirlpool Corporation.”

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