kb-network    News 31 May 2017

Whirlpool Corp. to ask U.S Government for barriers on LG and Samsung appliance imports

Whirlpool Corporation has allegedly asked the U.S Government to “impose broad barriers on imports of household washing machines”, in an attempt to fight so-called unfair trade practices by South-Korea based rivals.

In a case that seems to appeal to President Donald Trump’s campaign to champion American manufacturing, The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Michigan-based company, Whirlpool Corporation, is seeking an independent commission approval for broad barriers to be implemented on its rival’s imports.

According to the publication, Whirlpool will set out to ask the U.S International Trade Commission to assess what it says is a “doubling of imports of large residential washing machines and the potential injury the American industry is facing.”

If the company’s commission complaint is approved, it could see the Trump administration impose penalty tariffs on washer imports through the use of Section 201 of Trade Law.

The journal went on to state that Whirlpool has fought the company since 2011 on what it and the U.S government has called “the dumping of washing machines” made by Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. in multiple countries.

Samsung and LG has previously denied violating trade rules, and recently a spokesman for LG declined to comment on the matter, saying the company “hadn’t seen Whirlpool’s request to the government.”

Speaking on the matter, Aaron Spira, chief legal officer for North America at Whirlpool Corp., stated “We believe in free trade, but it doesn’t work if people don’t obey the rules and follow the laws. We have to look for other options that will solve the issue.”

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