kb-network    News 25 May 2016

Water Label Company release new advertising movie ‘One Europe, One Label’ across 34 countries

A new advertising movie “One Europe, One Label” has just been released by the Water Label Company.

The movie, specifically created to highlight what the Water Label is all about, where it’s used and who supports it, will be seen across 34 countries of Europe and beyond, and is aimed at attracting more members and users.

The award winning and entirely voluntary labelling scheme is growing rapidly. It has been seen at the recent major industry fairs of Mostra in Milan, KBB in Birmingham England, and at the Poznań Installer Fair in Poland where thousands of visitors, key decision makers in their own fields of activity, have seen how important the Water Label is becoming in assisting Europe’s drive for economies in water and energy use.

Viewers are introduced to the Warer Label with animated graphics and an engaging voiceover, and from the start the movie gets down to business asking the question “what is the Water Label and why do we need it?” It goes on to emphasise that the Water Label has been developed in partnership with manufacturers across Europe and is designed to help the modern consumer make an informed choice of kitchen or bathroom appliance. The movie lists the features and benefits of the scheme and then invites manufacturers to register their products online.

“It’s a fabulous little movie” says Yvonne Orgill, managing director of the Water Label Company. “We have created it to convey the message quickly and efficiently that the European Water Label does exactly what it is designed to do – inform and educate.”

The Water Label video can be seen on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/iDJryy-0Fog