kb-network    News 30 Jan 2017

VitrA set to highlight new Blue Life interior design strategy at ISH 2017 exhibition

Following success at ISH 2015, VitrA is returning this year to tap into the top themes for the 2017 exhibition with ‘ISH Water’ and ‘ISH Energy’; a range of designer products that embody health-promoting bathroom design, increased comfort, smart solutions and innovative hygiene functions.

Margaret Talbot, marketing manager of VitrA UK said: “This internationally admired trade fair gives VitrA the chance to communicate to a larger market across a global stage. With ISH primarily focussing on energy saving and sustainable sanitation this year, we are able to demonstrate the prominence of our environmentally friendly bathroom products and inspired design concepts.

“ISH also gives us the opportunity to highlight our Blue Life strategy, where VitrA takes a sustainable approach to production, design and management. In essence, this unique strategy reduces our use of non-renewable resources across all production processes to boost eco-efficiency.

“Our main aim with Blue Life is to continue to offer products that promote power, resource conservation and ultimately, good design to the end-user.”