kb-network    News 26 Apr 2017

VIMAR introduces new radio-frequency lighting solution for period properties

Lighting expert, VIMAR, has launched a brand new two-rocker button lighting control featuring radio-frequency technology.

Boasting a 2.4 GHz standard 802.15.4 transmitter, VIMAR’s new technology is set to revolutionise lighting within period homes, or other properties which may encounter regulatory or architectural constraints.

The ‘ZigBee’ controller is completely wire-free and can be activated immediately upon installation. When switching the lights on, the signal is transmitted via radio, travelling on the electrical installation via the actuator, without the need for any wired connections.

Additionally, the new controller is also ZigBee certified and compatible with ZigBee Green Power systems – a new eco-friendly lighting solution system which runs from the energy generated by pressing the buttons, as opposed to batteries.

Complete with ‘EasyAir’ compatibility, the ZigBee can be used in conjunction with EasyAir radio sensors for group lighting applications, including automatic movement and brightness adjustments, making for a truly flexible lighting tool.

VIMAR | vimar.com