Designer    News 17 May 2017

V-ZUG enjoys its 15 minutes of fame while helping comedian Rory Bremner understand his ADHD

In fascinating and emotive BBC documentary: Horizon, impersonator and comedian Rory Bremner was helped to better understand his own ADHD diagnosis surprisingly through the help of V-Zug appliances.

Rory Bremner visited V-Zug’s fully equipped cookery school in Farringdon, London, where experienced ADHD expert Professor Peter Hill demonstrated baking with V-ZUG’s steam appliances. The steam cooked cakes, which were given slightly different changes in cooking times to create various textures, were used to demonstrate the unique makeup of individuals.

For this delicious and incredibly effective experiment Professor Hill used a quadruplet of V-ZUG Combi-steam XSL ovens. The V-ZUG XSL oven is a truly innovative creation; its extremely precise temperature control ranging from 30° to 100° makes it perfect for vacuum cooking.

The cooking school supplies dedicated cooking sessions, with in-house gourmet chefs, but unfortunately: usually without the television camera crew!

V-ZUG’s UK and Ireland Sales Director, Rhys Evans commented “We launched our facility at the Bourne & Hollingsworth buildings in Farringdon just over a year ago and we are extremely pleased with our investment so far. Having our appliances featured on mainstream TV by such a prominent celebrity really demonstrates the benefits of our steam appliances, exclusive technologies and not forgetting V-ZUG’s designated Cookery School.”