kb-network    News 05 Apr 2018

Used Kitchen Exchange receives award recognition for preventing 1.3 million tons of landfill

The Used Kitchen Exchange has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious National Recycling Awards 2018 for its kitchen regeneration service.

Editor of Materials Recycling World Magazine, Robin Latchem said, “Our awards are often the first to highlight innovation and best practice in recycling and waste management and it’s exciting to see previous winners establishing themselves as exemplars of resource efficiency. To celebrate and share in victory on the night is the icing on the cake.”

Used Kitchen Exchange Ltd, headed by award-winning environmental entrepreneur Helen Lord, has made a big impact on the industry since she began the innovative business five years ago.

Lord stated, “The response we have received to our service has been amazing. Kitchen industry professionals are continually seeking a competitive advantage and for sustainability initiatives to be made easier, more commercially viable, and to deliver bottom line results. It is my belief that without this, businesses struggle to ‘do the right thing’ and therefore it just won’t happen.”

“Our success has come from focusing our efforts on designing a regeneration service that delivers tangible commercial results through seamless working partnerships,” she continued, “and so far, this has saved over 1.3 million tons of toxic landfill, making our industry stand out from the crowd and become a leader in environmental change.”

The winners of the National Recycling Awards 2018 will be revealed on 28th of June at the London Hilton on Park Lane hotel, where the industry’s elites will come together to celebrate the sectors achievements.

“We have been shortlisted in two different categories; Recycled Product of the Year and Waste Management Initiative,” Lord explained. “These awards reflect the two sides to our business; our domestic purchasers who buy our regenerated kitchens and our showroom partners who embrace our sustainable business model. We are delighted to share our success as this presents an exciting opportunity for the Kitchen Industry to receive national recognition for promoting Sustainability and for ‘doing well by doing good’.”

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