kb-network    News 10 Aug 2017

Used Kitchen Exchange Ltd, the UK’s leading kitchen re-seller, has partnered with KBBG

Used Kitchen Exchange Ltd, the UK’s leading kitchen re-seller, has partnered with KBBG, to give an exclusive offer to their UK members.

Used Kitchen Exchange Ltd is a multi-award-winning business who specialise in the resale of second hand and ex-display kitchens. Working closely with independent kitchen specialists, Used Kitchen Exchange sells a vast selection of customers’ used kitchens and ex-display kitchens on behalf of kitchen retailers. The Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group UK (KBBG) is an organisation set up to support the business of the independent kitchen specialists.

Speaking of the new partnership, Bill Miller (pictured), Managing Director, KBBG, says: “The Used Kitchen Exchange is a fantastic service. The company is inspirational and offers an exciting financial opportunity for our members. We all know that ex-display kitchens are notoriously difficult to sell and often take so much longer than expected. If they are not sold, they take up precious showroom floor space. Plus, by utilising the service offered by the Used Kitchen Exchange, by selling their customers’ old kitchens, as a form of ‘trade in’, retailers can empower the client to upgrade their new kitchen purchase and give the retailer an edge over other retailers who do not offer this excellent service.”

Helen Lord, Founder, Used Kitchen Exchange, says: “We understand the challenges showrooms face when selling display kitchens and our aim is to help make the process for retailers as pain-free as possible. With over 60,000 buyers visiting our website every month, we are able to sell them quickly, and for the best prices. Selling display kitchens is, however, just the icing on the cake. As most kitchens can easily be reconfigured into a new layout, offering the resale of a customer’s old kitchens is an obvious choice and an environmental tick in the box too. Our average customer gains around £3,500 towards their new kitchen, making it a great business enabler for kitchen retailers. We are pleased to be working with KBBG members, and look forward to delighting them with our comprehensive sales service for ex-display and customers’ used kitchens.”

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