kb-network    News 05 Dec 2016

TKC extends its Quickcab range of cabinets to meet a growing demand for white and ivory

Following what TKC says was “instant popularity” of its Quickcab cabinets with retailers and installers, the range has been extended to offer white and ivory in addition to stone grey.

The cabinet’s pre-fitted cam and dowel design means that a 12-unit kitchen can be assembled in 25 minutes. This says TKC can give installers an estimated time saving of up to 75%. The Quickcab cabinets come with TKC’s standard specification of an 18mm board and 18mm solid back panel on the base unit, with variable shelf positions. Each can be assembled in two minutes.

The three Quickcab cabinet options are designed to coordinate with TKC’s best-selling door colours. Base cabinets, wall cabinets, larder and appliance units, dressers and extra tall units are available in widths ranging from 150mm to 1000mm to suit standard, internal curved and external curved TKC doors.

“We have been bowled over by the instant success of our innovative Quickcab cabinets and have quickly introduced two additional colour options to meet demand,” said Jitendra Mistry, design manager at TKC. “We view Quickcab as the ‘missing link’ between flat pack and rigid cabinets, using the cam and dowel construction trusted by fitters.

“Extending the colour options is allowing installers and retailers to use Quickcab in more kitchens, saving them valuable time without compromising on quality.”