Awards    News 27 Apr 2017

#ThrowbackThursday to AGA winning the prestigious 2016 Design Classic Award

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday is in celebration of a truly iconic brand – AGA!

Winners of the Design Classic Award at the 2016 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, AGA’s accolade was given specifically to the AGA Rangecooker.

The AGA Rangecooker’s origins date back to 1922 with the invention of the heat-storage cooker. This initial idea then evolved to become a cast-iron cooker with two large hotplates and two ovens, finally beginning manufacturing in 1929.

Since beginning its manufacturing journey within the kitchen industry, the rangecooker has now established itself firmly within the heart of the British home. As it stands, AGA’s rangecooker sales reach in excess of 50,000 units per year, proving that AGA most certainly deserves a place within the classic design hall of fame!

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