Designer    News 25 Jan 2018

Three up-and-coming ovens from Bosch, NEFF, and Siemens all have common similarities

Coming to market in April, the latest innovations from these three companies all seem to have certain things in common – automated cooking programs, a smart meat thermometer, air flow technology to stop odours mixing, and self-clean capabilities. But while they share many comparable features, they are also significantly different.

The new Bosch Serie 4 and Serie 6 ranges include a variety of innovative features that ensure stress free cooking, such as the intuitive AutoPilot programme. Simply tell the oven what you are cooking on the LED control panel and it will select the perfect heating mode, temperature and cooking duration. Available with 10 different programmes on Serie 4, and up to 30 programmes on Serie 6. Furthermore, using the meat probe to cook your meat to your exact preference means you need never worry about burning your meal – the oven will automatically switch itself off once the ideal temperature is reached. The 3D HotAir technology allows the cooking of dinner and dessert at the same time without the intermingling of flavours. Afterwards, simply select the pyrolytic clean programme and the oven will heat up until all the grease and fat in the cavity is burnt to ashes, which can be brushed away. The serie 6 differs from the following two models in that its equipped with independent telescopic rails which can be positioned on any of the five oven shelves depending on the user’s needs. The rails can also be extended out of the oven allowing easier access to the food.

Featuring a new black and silver facia, NEFF’s new oven and hood collection co-ordinates with hobs, hoods and compact ovens to create a seamless aesthetic. CircoTherm allows one to cook, roast and bake different dishes simultaneously, without the flavours mixing, similar to the Bosch 3D HotAir technology. Again, similar to the Bosch oven, a patented SinglePoint MeatProbe means perfectly cooked meat every time. The cavity ovens have up to 30 automatic programmes, with some of the models featuring the Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning function. Uniquely, however, this range features Slide&Hide doors which glide seamlessly and disappear under the oven. Alongside the ovens, NEFF will launch a new range of hoods which will seamlessly complement both the oven and hobs. Sleek and streamlined, the hoods have been designed to work in synchronicity with NEFF kitchen appliances. The innovative new Downdraft Hood can be installed into the base of the kitchen’s cabinets, perfect for minimal design or smaller spaces. Classic chimney styles also quietly filter the air as the user cooks and are fitted with LED lighting, making the kitchen a great space to relax and create.

The updated iQ500 from Siemens offers a wide range of innovative speed solutions, allowing users more time to create outstanding dishes. Like its rivals, the cookControl function provides the iQ500 automatic programmes for the perfect preparation of meat, fish, vegetables and bread. Simply select the desired dish and enter the food’s weight – everything else is done automatically. Like the Bosch and Neff models, Siemens have their own roasting thermometer – the roastingSensor – which alerts the user once meat is cooked to perfection. Alongside its rivals, 3D hotAir plus allows the user to simultaneously cook on three levels without intermingling odours. Of course, like its rivals, the Siemens model also has its own self-clean function, activeClean. Unlike its rivals, however, new fast preheat technology heats up the oven exceptionally fast, without consuming more energy.  Additionally, cooking frozen foods is now even faster with the coolStart function which allows users to successfully cook frozen foods within the recommended time and without waiting for the oven to preheat.

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