Designer    News 04 Jan 2013

The World’s Most Expensive Kitchen: Claudio Celiberti reveals £1m Mayfair Kitchen

A UK-based Italian interior designer has unveiled what he claims to be the world’s most expensive kitchen ever created, with a price tag of £1m. The ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ kitchen, designed by Claudio Celiberti, was unveiled in London’s Mayfair last month at an event co-hosted by celebrity chef, Aldo Zilli. Taking more than a year to develop, the unique kitchen aims to push the boundaries of what is possible in design using natural materials and fine craftsmanship.

Handcrafted in Italy, the opulent kitchen features Murano Crystal. Made using ancient techniques originating from the island of Murano, the process for making this crystal is a complex and closely guarded secret but it results in a crystal that is of the highest quality, free of air bubbles, smudges and impurities.

The bespoke kitchen includes a host of ultra-luxurious finishes including cabinets lined with solid copper. Each of the 27 cabinets – which cost over £400,000 to design and hand craft – also have a 9mm crystal door and handle. In addition, the kitchen features a crystal island worth £36,850, a £6,850 stone worktop, a crystal basin costing £2,680 and Philippe Starck taps, chrome clad in crystal and valued at £1,600.

The choice of materials was an important part of the design for Celiberti. He explained: “I have always been inspired by the earth’s resources, challenging preconceived ideas about design and construction to create interior and exterior living spaces that unite luxury and function. For my vision to become a reality, it was also important to use the best quality materials available in the world.

“Copper also features within the kitchen because it is a mineral acknowledged for its hygienic qualities as it inactivates harmful microbes. It is essentially an important infection control measure making it the ideal material to use in a kitchen.” The centre piece of the kitchen is a Swarovski Crystal and cristallo di Murano chandelier designed by Celiberti. This attention-grabbing lighting – which cost £26,400 – draws attention to the kitchen, bouncing light off the reflective crystal surfaces. Celiberti said: “For me it was critical to create something unique and detailed. I want people to appreciate the end product gradually rather than it just being a showy ‘statement’ that one appreciates straight away but then loses interest in later.” The £1m price tag also includes over £24,000 worth of appliances from Gaggenau.

But, Celiberti  adds, it was never all about hefty price. “I actually never set out to design and launch the world’s most expensive kitchen. The cost was never the focal point. I set out to make the world’s most beautiful and finely crafted kitchen. I am a firm believer that fine craftsmanship is diminishing and being replaced by shortcuts that focus on speed and reduced budget, rather than quality and beauty.

“I wanted to create a bespoke space that pushed boundaries, exemplified beauty and defined ultimate luxury. The end result is a kitchen that is not only functional but also a work of art with each cut, component and flourish being nothing short of perfection, even down to the finest detail – hence its price tag. For some people, it’s a luxury that is not unattainable.”

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