kb-network    News 15 Mar 2017

Technology company TPB launch the ‘TPB tech’, a revolutionary two-in-one cooktop and worktop

Spanish technology company Top Porzelanik Barcelona (TPB) has launched TPB tech, a solid surface worktop that incorporates seamless cooking zones.

The worktop itself is a ‘sandwich of four materials: porcelain for its surface; aluminium to dissipate the heat; Bakelite to provide the worksurface with a solid ‘body’, and a second sheet of aluminium to provide strength and flat surface for the bottom of the worktop.

It uses a ‘secret’ heat source that is probably similar to induction technology insomuch as within seconds of the zone(s) being hot enough to bring things to a boil, it can be safely wiped clean. But unlike a conventional induction hob, the surface is strong enough to be used as a chopping board.

The thin profile of the surface allows it to be used in a variety of situations; it looks ideal as a kitchen worktop, but equally at home on a dining table where the heat zone can be used to keep food warm.

New to the UK market, TPB tech has already found favour in Spain where it is in use in domestic kitchens, restaurants and the CETT School in Barcelona due to its energy efficiency and ease of cleaning.


TPB Barcelona | tpbarcelona.com