Designer    News 17 Jul 2017

Tale as old as time – VitrA celebrates its 25th UK anniversary by sharing stories

This weekend saw the celebration of 25 years of VitrA in the UK. Celebrations kicked off with a party for the company’s staff as its UK headquarters in sunny Didcot, Oxfordshire.


In order to honour the long history that has bought the company to its current status of success, VitrA has asked its retailers to share any historical bathroom stories or images from around 1992. Alongside the UK launch of this reputable company, history was set in many ways, including seeing grunge fashion comes to its fore, and highlighting the introduction of LiveAid and DNA fingerprinting in the UK. Today, VitrA UK handles over one million products through Didcot, while its worldwide production faciltiies distribute over six million products to over 75 countries. In the air of celebration, VitrA’s parent company Eczacıbaşı Group will also celebrate its history this year, as 2017 marks the company’s 75th anniversary; beyond silver, rubies, gold and diamonds, this anniversary will celebrate history, growth and success.


VitrA’s UK Marketing Manager, Margaret Talbot, commented: “The last 25 years has been a period of unbelievable change and innovation.  The market has seen ups and downs and developed faster than previous decades thanks to compelling advances in both technology, materials, and outstanding product design. The bathroom is arguably the most exciting arena, with many companies like VitrA using renowned British and international designers to create stunning, feature-rich, and fashionable bathrooms. Who would have believed 25 years ago that we’d see remote-controlled high functioning WCs and bathroom mirrors planning our trips to work? The British consumer is leading the world in embracing products that enhance both relaxation time and at the same time reduce the human impact on the world’s valuable resources.”


Bathroom retailers are invited to share their stories from 1992 in photos or anecdotes via Twitter and Instagram using @VitrAUKLtd or by Facebook using @VitrAUK with the hashtag #VitrAUK25.

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