kb-network    News 07 Aug 2017

The takeover is a strategic addition to our product range – Vauth-Sagel takeover Hetal-Werke

Hetal-Werke, who joined the Würth Group in 2007 have been taken over by the family owned Vauth-Sagel Group. Vauth-Sagel, who are an internationally successful trade and industry partner in the kitchen furniture and automotive industry, have said that this takeover is a well-matched addition to their product portfolio. The takeover started on 1st of August 2017.


The Vauth-Sagel Group, who has been known for innovative furniture, care, caravanning, automotive and multi-market system solutions for over 55 years are based at four sites in eastern Westphalia and northern Hesse, the business develops, manufactures and sells more than 85 million quality products “Made in Germany” every year.
Speaking of the takeover, Vauth-Sagel Group, CEO Claus Sagel says “The takeover of Hetal-Werke is a strategic addition to our product range. For our area of expertise corner unit systems, we have acquired product solutions we were not able to offer before. And in the automotive sector, we are adding yet another growth area to our extensive expertise. We will be offering our new as well as our existing customers an even more comprehensive high-quality product range, which we will supply with our usual reliability.”

CEO Heinz-Otto Sagel adds, “With Hetal-Werke, we are taking over a well-established traditional company that we are already extremely familiar with; we are also quite at home in the company’s areas of business, our company and also our customers will therefore soon benefit from the respective synergies.”

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