kb-network    News 16 Mar 2017

Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen are thinking inside the box with new pre-packed installation boxes

Within the Laufen Pro and Laufen Pro S range the Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen is now offering pre-packed boxes containing all the important components required for fast and simple washbasin and toilet installation.

With household appliances, computers and many other products it goes without saying: attractive product packaging, which together with the main product contains all the accessories required.

Bathroom specialists Laufen has now applied this idea to washbasins and toilets. With the Laufen Pro Packs and Laufen Pro S Packs, trade and installers can have wall-hung toilets and washbasins from the Laufen Pro series, together with new 120 cm-wide vanity unit combinations from the Laufen Pro S series, with all the accessories required, in one single box.

The box price is also financially attractive, because the sum of the products contained in the box is cheaper than buying the items individually. Apart from an improved profit margin, the packs offer further advantages: The pre-packed boxes facilitate transport and storage, shortening the ordering process, and in the end the customer’s decision-making process. The attractively-designed box is also a highlight in the sales showroom, revealing its contents at a glance.

All important information is printed on the packaging: Together with a picture of the product there are the product properties, EAN, technical details and drawings, certificates issued, and a reference to the five-year guarantee.

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