Designer    News 01 Mar 2015

Supersize Ovens: Miele bring new 135 litre HR 1956 oven to the European market

Miele went up a size with its cooking options at Living Kitchen, presenting a range cooker that it has already launched in America and which may hit the European market too…

Miele presented a stand-out range cooker as a bit of a break from the norm. From a manufacturer where built-in ovens might be the more likely star products, this large range cooker drew the crowd to the company’s stand at Living Kitchen.

The range cookers were initially developed for the North American market where ‘big is beautiful’ has always been the name of the game. According to a Canadian dealer, a ‘heavy-duty look and feel’ is what discerning customers in the US and Canada would expect of a range cooker.

Miele’s take on this product category features a large proportion of stainless steel, but also includes solid, backlit rotary knobs, hinged handles which support sweeping ergonomic movements when opening appliance doors, and a high-resolution M Touch display. The control panel containing a TFT display also swings upwards at the touch of a button.

The 122cm wide freestanding unit has two ovens, the larger of which has a volume of 92 litres, along with the smaller oven cavity (which is an oven with microwave) at 43 litres.

In Cologne, Miele presented its top HR 1956 model together with a matching DAR 1150 extractor unit with the objective of gauging feedback and considering whether to launch the products to the European market.

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