kb-network    News 28 Apr 2016

Sub Zero & Wolf granted new upscale interior design contract after Channel 4 appearance

It is often quite difficult to quantify what a company gains from being featured in a television programme, but in the case of Sub Zero & Wolf it knows for certain that it has led to a new upscale interior designer contact.

Sub-Zero & Wolf recently featured on Channel 4’s prime-time three part series – Millionaire’s Mansions, which aired Thursday 21st April 2016 at 8pm.

The main protagonist of the show, Russian millionairess, ‘Julia’ was seen approaching Sub-Zero & Wolf’s Knightsbridge showroom (which has recently undergone a £750K re-fit), where she was greeted by showroom manager, Jacqui Hogan.

Jacqui was seen showing Julia a fresh, green apple and explaining that it had been perfectly preserved in a Sub-Zero appliance for over 6 months, which hugely impressed the wealthy and exacting client.

The conversation then fell to a client that Jacqui knew who kept her expensive face creams in a set of Sub-Zero refrigerated drawers in her bathroom, to ensure that they were kept at the perfect humidity and temperature to maintain their valuable and active ingredients. (Sub-Zero’s refrigerated drawers have been known to store expensive face creams as well as the more usual food and drink!)

Directly following on from the show’s airing, interior designer Beverly Angell of Beetroot Interiors in Fulham visited the showroom for the first time. She had been aware of the showroom previously however, when seeing how professional Jacqui was when dealing with such an important client, she galled into the showroom herself.

Beverley is now considering Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances for her own kitchen project, this summer.

Picture shows: Showroom manager Jacqui Hogan in the Knightsbridge showroom of Sub-Zero& Wolf