kb-network    News 14 Mar 2018

Study Reveals: The top ten bathroom innovations consumers want to see in the next ten years

New research has revealed the innovations that consumers would most like to see in the ‘bathroom of the future’, with automatic facial recognition technology topping the list of desirables.

The survey, conducted by DigitalBridge – a technology company that offers innovative kitchen and bathroom space planning and visualisation tools – and involving 1,100 consumers, found a consensus of excitement among participants that tech is soon to transform the home. One in five think that this transformation will be most exciting in the bathroom. A further 28% said that the kitchen is most ripe for innovation and just 9% believe that the living room will see most technological change in future.

The top ten innovations desired by consumers were found to be:

1. A face recognition system which automatically adjusts water temperature and pressure to your personalised settings
2. A hovering drone mirror which allows you to style the back of your hair with ease
3. An in-shower voice recognition that allows you to add shampoo, toothpaste and other essentials to your shopping list when they are running low
4. An augmented reality simulator that shows how a hairstyle could look on your head and provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve it
5. A pep-talking mirror that gives you advice on your outfits based on a link to your personal calendar
6. Three taps – one for hot, cold and ‘just right’
7. A dressing machine that chooses your outfit and dresses you
8. A full body air-dryer
9. A height-adjustable sink, toilet and mirror that moves up and down depending on who is using them
10. An ambient display which allows you to make a cup of coffee and answer the doorbell from the shower

Half of people also claimed that they would be more likely to shop with a brand that offered them access to technologies such as augmented reality (AR) or artificial intelligence (AI). This figure rises to 59% amongst 25-34 year olds. Despite this, when questioned on their current bathroom tech, 68% of people stated that they believe their bathroom is outdated – with 42% of these even stating that it is very outdated. Just 14% thought their space was of a modern standard and only 6% believed it to be very modern. Manufacturers and retailers therefore have a lot to gain if they can offer exciting, new and ground-breaking innovations to this audience, and encourage them to upgrade.

David Levine, CEO of DigitalBridge, said: “As outlandish as some of these innovations may sound, they’re actually not far off being a reality. Breakthroughs in AR and AI are steadily making their way into our homes through devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and software such as Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit. Clearly, consumer appetite for ground-breaking new bathroom products is high, so the race is on for suppliers to innovate quickly, in order to take advantage of this captive audience.”

DigitalBridge | digitalbridge.eu