kb-network    News 12 Apr 2017

Stoneham Kitchens invests in state-of-the-art woodworking machinery by ‘Weeke’

Kitchen and interior furniture specialist, Stoneham kitchens, has equipped its factory with a brand new hi-tech woodworking machine by Weeke, in the aim of bringing a wider variety of designs to its customers.

Marking the machine’s first UK installation, The ‘Venture BMG 115’ features 5-axis technology which, in turn, produces an increased range of movement within the machinery – an impossible task for any 3-axis mechanism.

As a result, Stoneham Kitchens are expecting to see improved accuracy and speed within their production process, as well as a high-quality smooth surface finish. In addition to this improvement in efficiency, customers will also have a wider scope of innovative and contemporary designs at their disposal, making the kitchen of their dreams one step closer!

Commenting on the company’s new technology, managing director Adrian Stoneham remarked “We are looking forward to making full use of the features and advantages that the BMG 115 has to offer, so that we can continue to meet increasing demands for beautifully crafted, bespoke kitchens.”

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