kb-network    News 18 Apr 2017

Steam appliance specialist V-ZUG announces a brand new collection of ZUGORAMA’s

Appliance specialist, V-ZUG, have announced the launch of their official UK ZUGORAMA’s, made possible through their exclusive network of ‘V-ZUG Centres of Excellence’.

Operating with a new sophisticated mindset, V-ZUG’s premium dealers are being brought to life with regular cooking demonstrations from the V-ZUG UK Gourmet Academy. Using their kitchen showrooms, the academy will host regular masterclasses, and in some cases employ in-house chefs, in order to captivate each and every potential V-ZUG customer.

It is thanks to the company’s passion for design and manufacturing that the UK high street will now be readily equipped with its range of quality Swiss-made kitchen appliances – all now on show in their live kitchen displays.

Commenting on the company’s recent showroom progress, sales director Rhys Evans stated “I believe our retail growth and increased consumer awareness has stemmed from V-ZUG’s technologically advanced designs and premium Swiss quality. Consequently, more national showroom will be unveiled soon.”

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