kb-network    News 16 Mar 2018

A stand of two halves – J. Rotherham reflects on why its KBB stand was such a success

Previewing the next generation of kitchen worktop designs in a stand of two halves –traditional and modern – J. Rotherham saw success showcasing new colour collections from Gemini Quartz and Aurea Stone, the first range of Quartz 2.0 to launch in the UK.

On the traditional half of the stand stood J. Rotherham’s unique Provence design, consisting of an island, table and over mantel, carrying across a distinct theme of Gemini Quartz surfaces, which feature on top of relief carved and hand-finished Limestone bases. Refined detailing to the natural stone gave visibility to the company’s heritage and skillset as a traditional stone mason.

The modern half of the J. Rotherham stand featured the Monolith special design, consisting of an island at the fore, displaying an uninterrupted expanse of Aurea Stone. Creating a striking affect to the rear was the application of Gemini Quartz Atlantis blue, used across a futuristic table design and splashback.

Bethan Jones from J. Rotherham said, “The class of competition in stand designs and expertise conveyed a high level of professionalism in the halls of the NEC, leaving the J. Rotherham team feeling optimistic about the strength of the KBB market.”

J Rotherham | jrotherham.co.uk