kb-network    News 29 Nov 2016

Sponsor a University Student: Degree in Kitchen Design earns awards and ROI for businesses

The Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design at Buckinghamshire New University is proving to be an asset to those sponsoring its students, through awards gained and the return on investment to companies putting students through the course.

Second year student Jonathan Wing of Kitchen Connection Ascot ( KCA) recently bagged the New Designer of the Year Award 2016 at the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards. 23 year old Jonathan is being put through the course by his company KCA

“The course has given me a wider experience of design through a brilliant series of lectures and hands on projects, all of which have improved my communication skills and brought me credibility, confidence and the stamp of approval that comes with a formal qualification,” said Jonathan. “They are all huge assets when it comes to dealing with clients in the showroom. I can talk about design in a wider context than I could before and it reinforces their trust in me. It is certainly making me a better designer and hopefully a greater asset to my company.”


Jonathan’s manager, Jamie Harding, commercial Director at KCA is in agreement: “We are delighted with Johnny’s fantastic achievement in winning the award,” he said. “In a wider sense the kitchen design course has really extended his knowledge of design; he didn’t come from a design background and the course has given him confidence not only in design but in dealing with clients.

“He has his finger on the pulse design-wise, is more confident with his use of materials and his communication skills with clients has improved. He can now think on his feet and re-design in front of a client if needs be.

“We used to do all our own training but we’re all very busy and affording the time to commit to training is often the biggest problem. This course is a fast track to a superb education and brings new, fresh ideas to our studio. It shows in the figures as well, and is paying dividends with conversion rates and an overall upward trend.

“I can recommend it 100% to anyone thinking of sending a student on the course.”

Picture shows Jonathan receiving the New Designer of the Year Award 2016 at the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards from Andrea Hillier of category sponsor Blum UK (centre), and event hostess Gabby Logan.

For more information about the course and how to apply visit www.tket.com