Utopia    News 12 Feb 2018

Spend a night at the amazing Vipp hotel and take its iconic kitchen ‘for a spin’

A new kitchen is a big deal! And, for the most part, you’re choosing blindly – you may have seen your dream kitchen in a showroom, on a website, or have chosen elements of it while thumbing through the pages of catalogues. But what about taking your new kitchen for a full test drive?

Kitchen specialist, Vipp is letting its customers do just this. While staying in one of the company’s luxury hotels: the Vipp Shelter in the Swedish woods, or the Vipp Loft or Vipp Chimney House, both in Copenhagen, you can experience living with the contemporary Vipp kitchen and put it through its paces before deciding to have one in your own home.

“In a store, you can only interact with products to a certain level. Why not experience it for real, live with it and cook in it? A Vipp kitchen is for life. But you can start with just a weekend,” said Kasper Egelund, CEO and 3rd generation Vipp owner.

The company’s Swedish retreat is every nature lover’s dream. Encased within a 55 m sq black steel structure, the Vipp Shelter is immersed, from every angle, by lush green woodlands. The Vipp Loft, in comparison, is 400 m sq and sits atop an old printing factory that dates back to 1910, in Copenhagen’s Brygge area. And finally, the Copenhagen Chimney House boasts beautiful wooden beams, pale flooring, ample light and will be opening in Spring, this year.



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