Designer    News 03 May 2017

Sous la Vie – great design, innovative thinking and philanthropic principles combine in this unique design

Created with the same design principles as traditional sous vide cooking, the Sous la Vie takes cooking technology to the street – quite literally. The waterproof Tyvek bag was created to allow vacuum-cooking to occur within a washing machine, with the aim to provide nutritious meals for the homeless population, that can be prepared in a launderette while doing their washing. The project was designed by Iftach Gazit, at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, under the guidance of Liora Rozin, and its principles question design and societal principles, as well as bringing forth opposing ideas such as fast food vs slow food, rich vs poor and capitalism vs socialism.

Gazit states that his inspiration behind his Sous la Vie project stemmed from simply a sleeping bag: “I saw this project on designboom about a sleeping bag for homeless people that also functions as a coat. That inspired me to do something for homeless people. I tend to do design that’s geared more towards art, so I wanted this project to be different – I wanted to help. I’m glad to say now that it ended both as a statement and (hopefully) in the near future it might come out as a product for those who need.”

The idea of Sous la Vie is highly practical, as Gazit’s research regarding the U.S homeless population have seen laundromats to give them a great assistance – one homeless blogger (afrostyplease)* describes the laundromat as “probably the most useful places on earth for homeless, besides the library”.

Sous vide food is cooked in a bath-like device at temperatures around 50 to 70 degrees. “The same conditions can be found in a washing machine; all you have to do is change the semantics,” said Gazit. “Instead of following a sous vide recipe and cooking a piece of meat at 58˚C for two and a half hours, just set your washing machine to “synthetics” for a long duration program. Cooking vegetables? Set your machine to “cotton” for a short duration program.”

The Tyvek paper bags are waterproof as is the plastic bag inside it which contains the food. Measures such as a dry seal for the food bag, ensures perfect cooking and protection for your clothes – to avoid spills and staining.

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