Designer    News 25 Apr 2016

Smeg’s latest kitchen collection: Designer Guido Canali creates sharp Italian minimalism

When it comes to designing built-in appliances, Smeg has a track record for working with world-class designers such as Renzo Piano and Guido Canali

For its latest collection, Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni was keen to use as his main influence his love of the great outdoors. The new collection, Dolce Stil Novo designed by Guido Canali, represents the pinnacle of iconic Italian design in a line-up of minimalist built-in appliances.

The highly detailed collection of ovens, compacts, wine coolers, coffee machines and more feature cutting-edge technology, such as touchscreen controls and automatically retractable handles however, almost certainly the main talking point of Dolce Stil Novo – which translates from the Italian as ‘Sweet New Style’ – will be the four gas hobs in the collection for which the word ‘unique’ doesn’t even come close.

Dolce Stil Novo’s gas hobs are a showcase of the brand’s creative soul and a never-before-seen emotive expression in domestic appliances. Each one could be considered a work of art, transforming the practical into something truly beautiful, but not at the expense of comprehensive functionality.

Polished, premium stainless steel hobs include radical new flat ‘blade’ gas burners, patented and exclusive to the brand. These can deliver a continuous ring of vertical flame upwards to guarantee maximum heat transfer, reduce heat dispersion and increase efficiency by 20%. Each ‘blade’ component has been coated in a special premium titanium coating for longevity, hob sizes range from 60cm to 100cm and are available in four to six burner layouts.

The collection also includes induction models are based on a black to light contrast design with slider touch controls and featuring an elegant white LED display. Smart pan detection ensures cookware is heated effectively wherever it’s placed and include enhanced functions for slow melting, maintaining temperature, and for controlling sauces and soups when boiling. Induction hob sizes range from 38cm to 90cm.