kb-network    News 24 Jan 2018

Smeg Food Service plans to “return to its roots” and focus on the UK restaurant market

Speaking with the Food Service Equipment Journal, Phil Coulstock, Commercial Channel Director at Smeg UK, said that Smeg’s focus in the UK was moving away from the standard bake-off ovens and more towards full gastronorm cooking ovens, giving the company the opportunity to target a wider client base.

“The bake-off industry in the UK is not as big as it is in continental Europe, where you have got a bakery and a patisserie on every corner. This is taking us from looking only at the baking market to the restaurant kitchen market, so we can target anybody that is looking at an oven.” Coulstock explains

The plan will see Smeg roll out new Topline dishwashers and glasswashers to the UK market. Coulstock continues, saying that operators could expect to see a renewed focus on its core lines.

“When I joined the company four years ago we were looking to become a one-stop-shop with the ability to offer a full turnkey kitchen solution, whether that be through acquisitions of companies with expertise or taking other people’s product and branding it,” he explained. “But what we have realised is that we should just focus on what we do well because, like some of our competitors, it pays to concentrate on what your fundamental DNA is. For us that is very much cooking, the ovens, and dishwashing. Any other product that doesn’t fit into that will certainly fall down the priority list in terms of us focusing on it. Originally ovens were moving along doing very well, but there was no level of investment. Over the last 12 months that has completely turned on its head in terms of factory level, not just R&D but also automation of the production lines,” Coulstock concludes.

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