Designer    News 05 Apr 2018

Small but smart – Binopolis proves smart technology is seeping into every area of the kitchen…

As an industry, we’re becoming accustomed to seeing smart technology integrated into many large appliances, from those used in the kitchen to the bathroom and even throughout the living areas. But Binopolis is taking it one step further with its latest launch – a voice-activated, sensor-recycling bin.

Gone are the days of simple push pedals or sliding lids; using intelligent in-built sensors, Binopolis’ new ST2015 bin has been designed to automatically open when it hears the user say, “open can”. Designed by Simplehuman, the ST2015 model intends to offer consumers complete control in the kitchen, allowing them to dispose of rubbish quickly and effectively and, thanks to the nano-silver clear coat, will steadily decrease the spread of germs, too. The bin also boasts a fingerprint-proof, brushed stainless steel body – a suitably sleek, futuristic look for this ultra-contemporary model. In addition, if preferred, users can active the motion sensor by the simple wave of a hand, which, like the voice controlled activation, will smoothly open the bin’s lid.

Possible to hold up to 58 litres, the ST2015 features a duo of compartments, allowing the separation of rubbish and recyclables, a pocket to store the model’s custom-fit liners, and handy removable buckets – all of which aim to make life easier in the kitchen.

Jane Pollard, Co-Director, Binopolis, commented: “This new bin take recycling and rubbish disposal to a new level with its fast, accurate voice-activated controls. The intelligent sensors mean it is smart enough not to react to false triggers and unexpected lid closures are a thing of the past. The liner pocket makes a fantastic addition to the rubbish compartment as this enables you to change your liners faster and the liner rim lifts up for easy access to the liner then closes to grip, keeping it hidden from view.”

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