kb-network    News 30 May 2017

Skelmersdale based ‘Integral Surface Designs’ officially joins the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Scheme

Integral Surface Designs, a company based in Skelmersdale, has officially joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Scheme.

Boasting a range of over forty different door styles, Integral Surface Designs has stated that its full range will now be included as a comprehensive graphics catalogue in the ArtiCAD-Pro software.

Since opening for business five years ago, Integral states it has “experienced tremendous growth” to now become one of the country’s largest suppliers of made-to-measure doors to the KBB industry.

Matthew Singleton, director of Integral Surface Designs, stated “Not only were we very aware of ArtiCAD’s name in the KBB marketplace, but many of our customers already use the software and were keen for us to join the Supplier Partnership to make our doors even easier for them to include in their designs.”

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