Designer    News 27 Jun 2017

Sites to see – Egger launches new website section with inspirational online visualiser

Laminate and wood panel manufacturer Egger has launched an online visualiser to help kitchen manufacturers and retailers explore the potential of its range of worktops and décor panels.

With the launch of the 2017 Egger Decorative Collection, there are 6,460 possible combinations of worktops and frontals and Egger is keen for customers to get the maximum benefit from what is available.

The Egger worktops visualiser allows customers to view countless combinations of worktops, splashbacks and upstands and explore how they work with doors, shelving and drawer fronts. “As the decors are instantly applied to room sets, it’s a quick and easy way to create the type of look you want,” said Elliott Fairlie, Egger UK’s Head of Décor Development.

After navigating to the worktops visualiser, users can select from a range of room sets. Clicking on various elements brings up a chart of available decors that can also be viewed full size. Once the main elements of the new design have been selected, plinths and flooring can be dropped into place – and more than 2,700 colours of paint help to bring the ‘virtual room’ to life.

“The worktops visualiser even has a ‘compare’ feature that allows you to set two different decor combinations side by side with a slider allowing you to move seamlessly between the two and decide which you prefer,” added Fairlie.

“This feature will instantly speed up the process of deciding which decors are your favourites and which decors just don’t work together. Once the room set is complete, you can save or print the design you have created or share with colleagues or customers via email for their comments.”

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