kb-network    News 29 Aug 2017

SideChef and Sharp announce partnership to further the next generation of smart cooking appliances

SideChef and Sharp Home Electronics Company of America (SHCA) have announced at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Tokyo, Japan, a partnership to further the next generation of smart cooking appliances.

SideChef will develop the mobile application and custom recipe content for all of Sharp’s future internet-enabled cooking appliances, beginning in 2018 with a connected version of Sharp’s SuperSteam+™ Convection Oven, providing many new benefits like making cooking easier in the modern home. The new Sharp app, powered by SideChef, will offer home cooks a recipe-driven culinary experience, making it easy to cook any dish in the app to perfection with a compatible Sharp appliance. SideChef currently has an expanding collection of over 5,000 interactive smart recipes that automatically set timers, play educational videos or suggest helpful tips based on the ingredients, time of day, season, location, and more. Many of those 5,000 recipes will be available through the new Sharp app.

Speaking of the new partnership, Jim Sanduski, President of Sharp Home Electronics Company of America said, “Sharp was looking for ways to combine convenience with perfect cooking results from our next generation of smart connected home appliances. SideChef already offers an award winning mobile culinary platform so partnering with them to integrate cooking operation and control was an easy decision.”

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