kb-network    News 21 Mar 2016

Sharp Home Appliances are set to launch a series of larger capacity fridge/freezers

Promising to deliver super-size cooling support for day-to-day life, Sharp Home Appliances is to launch a new series of larger capacity fridge/freezers, that it says will offer alternative styles and configurations to fit a wider range of kitchens and lifestyles.

Squeezing a quart into a pint pot becomes easier with two pairs of matching full size larders and freezers. Designed for side by side installation with an adjoining strip, the matching pairs can be carried one by one through narrow hallways, making them easier to fit for most homes.

These new appliances come with up to A++ ratings as well as a No Frost operation. Larders have 350 net litre capacities, the freezers with 251 net litre capacities providing, says Sharp, larger than average storage for side-by-side refrigeration.

Designed in white or stainless steel, the models maximize the space available, offering features, such as multi-function storage boxes, full width wine racks and vegetable compartments for the larders and 7 compartments as well as a big box style zone for the freezers. Whilst the step-up Sharp SJ-L2350E0 larder offers a water dispenser for on-tap fresh beverages, both freezers ensure higher standards of efficiency, providing quieter and more effective operation thanks to their inverter technology.

For the everyday problem of unnecessary food waste, Sharp Home Appliances is also launching 3 and 4 door American style fridge/freezers, offering 3 alternative models that can each help to extend the shelf life of more groceries.

With a net capacity of 529 litres, the 3 door SJ-F1529E01 American Style Fridge/freezer can offer the best of both worlds, providing bulk storage that’s still cost-effective, coming with features, such as the Economy Mode, which enable families to regulate energy consumption according to how much cooling support they actually require.

Both the SJ-F1529E01 French Door model and the SJ-F1526E01 4 Door Fridge/freezer can keep food fresher for longer, not only with an Advanced Cooling System, which wraps cold air around the food for quicker and more even cooling, but also with Advanced No Frost operation.

Offering two separate and dedicated cooling systems for the fridge and freezer compartments, Advanced No Frost ensures better food preservation results; not only keeping the fridge and freezer frost free, but also preventing humidity loss in the fridge, so that groceries can maintain their fresh taste and texture. With this technology, there is also less risk of any cross-contamination of odours between the fridge and freezer compartments.

Both fridge/freezers’ Super Cool and Super Freeze functions also enhance the food preservation process, ensuring faster and more effective cooling and freezing.

Offering a 526 litre net capacity, Sharp’s Four Door SJ-F1526E0I model doubles the shelf-life of everyday fruits and vegetables, says the manufacturer. Preserving their taste and texture, this fridge/freezer ensures that fruits and vegetables can retain 10% more of their vitamin content as well as up to 60% more of their moisture.

A sudden splurge on 2-for-1 special offers at the local supermarket won’t fool this fridge/freezer either as one or both of its freezer zones to be converted into additional fridge room, or to be switched off to save energy.

Built with a capacity of 605 litres, the A++ rated 4 Door SJ-EX820FSL American Fridge/freezer incorporates J-Tech Inverter technology which adjusts and controls the cooling speed to maximize efficiency as well as to enhance cooling and freezing results. The Inverter also keeps the fridge/freezer vibration and sound to a minimum.

A++ rated and designed with No Frost operation, this fridge/freezer also safeguards the freshness of food, circulating the air so that it never directly impacts and dries out any stored groceries. With its Ag+ Nano Deodorizer, strong-flavoured groceries can also be stored together with much less risk of any cross-contamination of odours.

And Sharp is running a special warranty promotion for its entire fridge/freezer range, offering a 5 year labour, 5 year parts guarantee for each model. The promotion will run until 30th April.