kb-network    News 18 Jul 2016

Sensio Lighting makes designer lighting easy with their ex-stock available Multi-Light App

First seen at kbb Birmingham 2016. the Sensio Multi-Light App is now available ex-stock from Sensio Lighting.

The Sensio Multi-Light mobile App couples with Bluetooth receivers and enables the user to control any Sensio Lighting product that requires a 12/24V driver from an Apple mobile device.

The free download Sensio Multi-Light is available now from the Apple App store and works with a receiver purchased from Sensio that can be retrofitted for each driver the user wants to control from the App.

The App can be used to switch the light on and off, control dimming, control colour and even change the colour of the lighting The App can be used to remotely control both single lights or a chosen group of lights together.