Designer    News 09 Jun 2017

Seeing the future – hot topics from our place at the ironically rectangular table of Lucre’s roundtable event

This year’s roundtable event, hosted by Lucre at London’s Hoxton Hotel, focused primarily on omni challenges – the multi-channel approach to marketing and sales, and something which is relevant to the entirety of the current and future lifestyle sector.

Beginning with an insightful topical presentation from Trend Bible, we were introduced to the methodology behind the magic of trend prediction and the notion of the pyramid of adoption: the manner in which trends filter through society. Then, moving onto current political matters, we touched upon the impact of Brexit on the housing market – which, although sounds justifiably daunting to any trade professional – is not all negative as far as the kitchen, bathroom and design sector are concerned. Since article 50 has been invoked, the housing market has slowed and Google searches on buying new homes has deflated. However, this does mean that home improvements are predicted to rocket, as homeowners will be less likely to move and take the ‘make do and mend approach’ instead.

In addition, these home improvements have seen a large amount of interest in crafty DIY projects – but on a smaller, artistic, renovation scale rather than overtaking the roles of professional designers and fitters. Along with this anti-throw-away and renovation trend, a ‘better buying’ habit has been noticed. Encouraged by the current adoration for a hipster lifestyle, it was discussed that homeowners have embraced these organic values by investing in long term products, and looking towards the designer and high-end marketplace.

Keep updated to hear more from the roundtable about: ‘the blurring lines of consumer and trade’ and ‘how to create the ultimate experience showroom’…


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