kb-network    News 03 May 2016

Schmidt launches ultra-fashionable Arcos collection – featuring concrete and stainless steel

For the buyer that is a dedicated follower of kitchen fashion the Arcos collection from Schmidt ticks many of the ‘must-have’ boxes.

It is handle-less, finished in that all-important concrete-like look and with a sufficient number of cabinet size options that will allow the furniture to move seamlessly from a kitchen zone to the relaxation space.

Industrialism is a trend that started out in kitchens and has since evolved into all rooms of the home. It’s a look that suits urban spaces as well as period properties and new-builds, with everything from exposed brickwork and stripped timber floorboards to poured concrete worktops, stainless steel appliances and lustrous copper pendant lighting.

Mixing materials is also a trend that designers and architects use to create zones within the kitchen and maintain maximum visual interest. Here, Schmidt has teamed a concrete-like Marvel door with the light wood effect of Harvey. These melamine units are easy to clean and care for and offer a subtle distinction that works in harmony to create a truly contemporary kitchen.



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