kb-network    News 13 Apr 2018

Scavolini announces its exclusive partnership with UK agent Domicilio Furnishings

Scavolini has partnered with Domicilio Furnishings with the aim to raise its profile in the UK through a network of mid to high-end kitchen and bathroom retailers. Though Scavolini’s story is well known within the industry, the brand’s ambition is to establish partnerships with new retailers throughout the country with a long-term aim of making Scavolini a UK household name.

A bit about Domicilio Furnishings

Mihai Maciuca, Managing Director, established Domicilio Furnishings in 2012, having identified a gap in the UK market for innovative European companies offering cutting-edge design. Domicilio Furnishings represents some of the most prominent European home and design furnishings brands. Its portfolio covers kitchens, bathrooms and wellness, flooring and interior design. It partners with the some of the country’s leading retailers, architects and interior designers to deliver award-winning and innovative solutions to the end user.

On reflection, we may expect to see Scavolini becoming more and more available throughout the UK this year.

Domicilio Furnishing’s Managing Director Mihai Maciuca said: “Scavolini leads the way in cutting-edge kitchen and bathroom design and we are delighted to partner with this first-class brand. For the next year we will focus on expanding our retailer network across the UK and establishing the brand with contractors, architectural firms, interior designers and property developers. We want Scavolini to become the leading kitchen and bathroom provider for the UK market, recognised for exceptional product innovation, product offering and customer service.”

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