kb-network    News 20 Mar 2018

Samo’s new website combines cool tools with distinct areas for consumer, trade, and designers

A visually impressive and memorable homage to water – the new Samo website is not easily forgettable. A dynamic, complete, flexible platform, the new website reaches out directly to the company’s target groups with three main areas – ‘Your shower’ for customers, a ‘Professionals’ area for retailers, installers, etc., and an ‘Architects and Designers’ area which includes exclusive tools to help unlock the creativity of project designers.

A brand-new feature of www.samo.it is the ‘configurator’, which allows users to select products according to their needs, immediately identifying a series of proposals likely to respond to the requirements of the potential customer. Each Samo product can be viewed in a gallery of images that highlights the details, accompanied by a technical data sheet containing a description of the product, measurements, finishes and customisation options.

Particularly useful is the new tool for project designers which, once the product of interest has been identified, can be used to download ready-to-use 3D models. There is also a practical, user-friendly ‘Assistance centres’ area, with nearby retailers shown on the map.

“The rebuilding of the site is a step in a greater plan to digitize the Samo brand that will invest several instruments, a plan strongly desired by Denis Venturato, President and CEO of the Samo Industries Group,” said Claudio Martinolli, new Marketing Manager of the Group.

Click the link below to visit the impressive homepage of the new Samo website.

Samo | samo.it/en