kb-network    News 14 Aug 2017

Rotpunkt will be showcasing their range of new products at Hausmesse 2017

Rotpunkt, leaders in the design and manufacture of quality German Kitchen furniture will be at the Hausmesse 2017, taking place from the 16th to 22nd September and part of the celebrated Küchenmeile.

The ‘kitchen mile’ is an annual design event, where a selection of premium manufacturers open their doors to the retail masses to show the latest designs it has to offer the ‘world of kitchens’. Tantamount to growth and maintaining a competitive edge, Rotpunkt have seized this invaluable opportunity to launch a range of new products, sizes, materials and finishes, alongside existing with a bid to engage new retailers on a global stage.

Its main theme at this dedicated German house fair is ‘Inner Beauty’ which is set to inspire and breathe new life and interest into “what’s behind the kitchen door” too!

Speaking on behalf of Rotpunkt UK, Head of UK Operations, Matt Phillips says “Being able to attract retail interest to our headquarters in Germany is an invaluable resource for gaining greater awareness and provide enormous potential for forging new retail partnerships and routes of supply. With any quality retailer, it is quality materials, technologically advanced processes, manufacturing techniques, design scope and even logistics, that have great power and influence. Hausmesse is a novel, more personable approach to generating new business, providing a better understanding of our brand heritage, business class and future design aspirations. Rotpunkt will be open to every visitor that walks the kitchen mile, with the hope of attracting the finest new suppliers with greater international reach.” 

Hausmesse takes place from the 16th to 22nd September 2017.

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