kb-network    News 02 Feb 2017

Ron Blount, former BLANCO managing director, introduces the HotSpot Titanium 3-in-1 hot tap

Former BLANCO managing director Ron Blount is returning to the industry with the introduction of the HotSpot Titanium, the latest 3-in-1 hot tap destined for the UK market.

According to Houzz UK, a hot tap is now at the top of the UK ‘wish list’ for the most desirable luxury kitchen appliance and Ron Blount spent the latter half of 2016 talking to potential retailers to confirm there was a niche in the somewhat crowded hot tap market for yet another player.

Clearly there is, and it would seem from the high specification of the HotSpot Titanium the key to success will be to offer a quality product backed up with a hassle-free sale for retailers.

The new range of taps is manufactured in the Netherlands by a company with over 100 years’ experience of boiler manufacturing and heating expertise. The 3-in-1 version is said to switch quickly and smoothly between cold, hot and boiling water, and both it and the boiling-water-only version are very low maintenance and fully recyclable. The patented tank is made of titanium that is strong as steel and bacteria resistant.

Both models come with a choice between a 4-litre or 8-litre water heater, instantly providing 3 or 6 litres of boiling water respectively. The HotSpot Titanium has a patented safety system called Intelliprotect with an easy-to-operate electronic touch control, which will allow the user to select from three safety levels. Optional hands-free operation for continuous boiling water, for cleaning or pan filling, is also possible.

The HotSpot Titanium comes with an unconditional five-year guarantee, providing both retailers and consumers with peace of mind, and the plan is for consumers to be contacted directly by HotSpot Titanium to remind them to check the tap’s filters


HotSpot Titanium / hotspot-titanium.com/en