kb-network    News 09 May 2017

Roman adds the ‘Six Sigma’ training course to its extensive staff development programme

Leading international shower designer and manufacturer, Roman, has introduced the new Six Sigma training course to its staff development programme.

Implemented with the aim of reducing wasted processes within the company, the new Six Sigma training course teaches employees the most efficient and ‘lean’ ways of running a business.

Roman has stated “lean manufacturing principals have always been at the forefront of Roman’s operational activity”. Thus, the company has committed to an extended two year training programme for all operational staff to ensure they are qualified to a minimum NVQ in Business Improvement Techniques.

Additionally, Roman is also allowing five of its senior managers the chance to progress to at least a green belt level stage, while its manufacturing and installation managers will go on to complete the black belt qualification.

Participants of the course will attend a full day of training every other week across six months. The training will involve various workshops, presentations, and practical business activities with the intent of making all aspects of Roman’s manufacturing and administrative process more visible, effective and efficient.

Commenting on the company’s attitude towards employee development, operations director John Wright remarked “We are always trying to develop our employees so they can be more efficient in their day to day activities and evolve our manufacturing processes. All the training focuses on live issues, relevant to their particular work area, in their natural working groups.”

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