kb-network    News 19 Feb 2018

How Roman achieved the internationally recognised sustainability certification

Roman has upheld the ISO14001 standard since 2009, and is now proud to announce that it has just been upgraded to the prestigious and much more rigorous ISO14001:2015 standard.

Awarded by the British Standards Institution, ISO14001:2015 certification is given for reducing or minimising the effect that a company has on the environment. The standard will be used as a guide to assess Roman’s impacts on the environment. It also guides Roman to improve or reduce these impacts further through a continuous improvement programme.

Roman is reducing energy consumption and increasing the proportion of recycled waste by assimilating and reducing harmful emissions, discharges or pollutants as well as recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, steel, aluminium, glass, and hazardous waste.

All aspects of business operations, including business procurement, storage, distribution, product development and manufacturing have been looked at in-depth, and strategies have been set up to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability. It is Roman’s company objective to reduce energy by 1.5% in 2018 as a proportion of business activity. All Roman employees are now trained and encouraged to reduce energy use to reach this target.

John Wright, Operations Director at Roman, commented: “We are proud to achieve our ISO14001:2015, which shows our progress and success in our environmental management system around the whole business. This standard has really made us consider all aspects of the company and how we can make the business more sustainable. We ensure that we are continually improving with regular review meetings and by setting and reaching objectives accordingly.”

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