Utopia    News 08 Sep 2017

Ritmonio’s ‘The World’s Colours’ concept gives you over 100 possible combinations for your tap


Ritmonio’s The World’s Colours project has seen the company add a myriad of new colour finishes to its Haptic and Diametro 35 collections.

The Haptic mixer tap is famed for its stylish, industrial concrete handle, that is now available in eight new colours, each of which is inspired by the hues found in lush natural landscapes. These on-trend shades include: Tramonto, Canyon, Oceano, Vulcano, Artide, Tundra, Amazzonia and Sahara and add a whole new dimension to concrete – a previously unassuming material, often thought of only in relation to industrial settings and a plain grey palette – now can be featured in a myriad of multi-coloured hues. Additionally, the iconic Haptic and Diametro 35 are now available in the timeless and elegant combination of ‘Black&White’. The simple and classy Black&White version combines a contemporary design with a matt texture and elegant shape.

These two new colour concept additions mean Ritmonio can now offer homeowners over 100 possible colour combinations, allowing you to create a totally personalised aesthetic.

Ritmonio | ritmonio.it