kb-network    News 07 Jun 2017

RIBA outlines its vital issues surrounding the General Election and 5 questions you MUST ask!

Just one day away from the UK General Election, RIBA has asked its fans and followers to think about the questions they should be asking their candidates.

Writing on twitter, RIBA stated “As we prepare to vote, will your #GE2017 candidates answer questions on these vital issues? #BuildingGlobalBritain

The Royal Institute of British Architects went on to name five questions that they recommend you ask your parliamentary candidate…


1) How will you ensure the British architecture sector will thrive during and after Brexit? 

2) What will you do to prioritise the building of good quality, affordable homes in my local area?

3) What will you do to ensure that school buildings are better spaces for learning?

4) How will you provide a planning system which brings together expertise and local needs?

5) How will you improve the built environment in my local area?


The institute went on to state “The built environment plays a crucial role in how people understand and value the world around them”, teaming the remark with a hashtag #BuildingGlobalBritain.

RIBA | architecture.com