kb-network    News 12 Sep 2017

Research by InSinkErator investigates the amount of food waste that’s transported to landfills

A national survey, commissioned by InSinkErator, has found that in a year parents serve, on average, 1,460 evening meals to their family and end up throwing the equivalent of more than a quarter of those meals in the bin.

The global leader and inventor of food waste disposers, InSinkErator, is committed to understanding the amount of food waste that is transported to landfill and why. The poll of 2,000 parents found eight in 10 regularly end up throwing away some of their children’s uneaten meals, with dinner the meal most likely to see wasted food. The study showed 45 per cent of those polled blame the wasted food on their children being fussy eaters with 57 per cent admitting they have put a meal in front of their child, only to have them completely refuse to eat it. A staggering 78 per cent had to also face a child turning down a meal because they ‘didn’t like it’, despite happily eating it in the past. InSinkErator was keen to gain insight from those surveyed on ‘what they thought happened to their food waste’. The research found that more than half of those polled admit they have no idea what happens to their food when it leaves their home. The survey continued to question what the respondents thought might happen to their food waste. The results showed that 46 per cent believing it simply goes to landfill, 22 per cent think it’s recycled, while one in 20 think it simply disappears.

Denise Iordache, Marketing Manager, Europe and Russia, InSinkErator says: “We conducted the national survey to enable us to understand if family eating habits have an effect on food waste in the home, and how we can hope to reduce food waste that is directed to landfill from their homes in the future. The survey revealed that one of the top 10 things people would like to have at home, to help with food waste, is an automatic food waste bin that empties itself. Despite our very best efforts to reduce food waste in the home, a small amount is inevitable, and many of us are faced with the difficulty of disposing of our banana skins, egg shells and food scraps. An InSinkErator food waste disposer is a discreet asset to any home and provides households with a safe, simple and effective way to dispose of food waste in a convenient and hygienic manner, redirecting food waste that would usually be sent to landfill sites.”

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